Selena Gomez Ventures into Culinary World with New Food Network Series ‘Selena + Restaurant’

‘Selena + Restaurant’: A Culinary Journey with Selena Gomez and Guest Chefs Wolfgang Puck, Shirley Chung, Stephanie Izard, Marcel Vigneron, and More

Selena Gomez hosts "Selena +Chef"

Selena Gomez is expanding her culinary adventures beyond her home kitchen to explore professional restaurants.

Food Network has unveiled “Selena + Restaurant,” a spin-off of her Max series “Selena + Chef.” Across six episodes, Gomez and her best friend Raquelle Stevens will venture into Los Angeles’s most renowned restaurants alongside chefs Shirley Chung, Keith Corbin, Stephanie Izard, Wolfgang Puck, Marcel Vigneron, and Andrew and Michelle Muñoz.

“In the past four years, I’ve mostly cooked virtually from my kitchen with some of the best chefs, so I’m excited to step into their world,” Gomez expressed in a statement. “You’ll have to see if being in person helped improve my skills at all.”

Each episode will challenge and educate Selena as she learns the intricacies of restaurant cooking, aiming to create a dish worthy of each establishment’s menu. Additionally, each chef will spotlight a charity close to their heart, with all featured non-profits receiving a donation to support their cause, as per the show’s official description.

“Selena’s culinary journey has captivated viewers since day one as she has honed her kitchen skills on her Emmy-nominated series, ‘Selena + Chef,'” remarked Betsy Ayala, head of content for food at Warner Bros. Discovery. “Now, stepping out of her home kitchen but with her best friend by her side, Selena’s transition to professional kitchens marks a natural evolution of her culinary education as this superstar demonstrates her prowess in a restaurant environment.”

Since its debut in 2020, “Selena + Chef” has aired 40 episodes across four seasons, along with four Home for the Holidays specials. The series received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Culinary Series in 2023.

Gomez produces “Selena + Restaurant” through her company, July Moon Productions, alongside executive producers Melissa Stokes, Eli Holzman, and Aaron Saidman for Sony Pictures Television’s The Intellectual Property Corporation, with showrunner Shauna Minoprio.

The series will debut its first two episodes on Food Network on May 2 before being available for streaming on Max.

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