Leslie Jones Compares Reelecting Trump to “Asking That Sick F–k Who Used to Work at Nickelodeon to Watch Your Kids”

The comedian made an appearance on “The Daily Show” to emphasize that Trump was “a terrible f–king president”

Leslie Jones made a guest appearance on “The Daily Show” Thursday night with a clear mission: to remind America that Donald Trump was “a terrible f–king president” and to urge the country not to make “the obviously stupid thing.”

“I mean, are we really considering bringing back a man who tried to overthrow the government?” Jones questioned. “This is like asking Jeffrey Epstein to watch your kids. Or a pedophile priest to watch your kids. Or that sick f–k who used to work at Nickelodeon to watch your kids.”

The reference was made to Dan Schneider, the former Nickelodeon executive who has faced accusations of steering inappropriate sketches for young child actors and fostering a toxic work environment. These allegations gained significant attention with the release of the docuseries “Quiet on Set.”

“Hey, how about we do this,” Jones exclaimed, her voice growing louder. “How about we don’t let anybody watch your kids?”

The former “Saturday Night Live” cast member then acknowledged that some people might not care about the events of January 6th, before reminding the audience of the numerous highly-criticized decisions Trump made during his presidency. Trump’s proposal to nuke a hurricane and his suggestion of bleach injections for COVID-19 were among the examples Jones highlighted.

“We turned to him for advice, and the dude was like, ‘Kill yourself,'” Jones remarked.

After enumerating the various instances where Americans opt for the easier, dumber choice rather than putting in the effort, Jones proposed her solution.

“How about for this election — for this one thing — let’s not do the obviously stupid thing that we know we shouldn’t do. That means you’re going to have to put in some effort. It means getting involved in the political process. It means not sitting on your ass just because you’re not in love with the choices,” Jones asserted. “I know you like fast food. But this time how about we eat a carrot instead of voting for a guy who looks like a carrot.”

This appearance on “The Daily Show” isn’t the first time Jones has graced the stage. The comedian previously hosted the series for two weeks in 2023 during the Comedy Central show’s rotating roster of hosts. Rumors even circulated about Leslie Jones potentially taking over the hosting gig permanently.

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