Laura Dern opened up about why she never considered changing her last name to evade accusations of nepotism in Hollywood.

In an episode of the UnWrapped podcast, Laura Dern shared her sentiments, stating, “I feel incredible pride about being the daughter of my parents.”

In the “UnWrapped” podcast, Laura Dern shared her excitement about working alongside her father, Bruce Dern, in the series “Palm Royale,” streaming on Apple TV+. Playing on-screen daughter and father Linda Shaw and Skeet Rollins, respectively, Dern described the experience as a “dream beyond compare.”

Although there was some hesitation in approaching her father to join the show, mainly due to uncertainty about his interest, Dern eventually asked him to participate. She expressed her initial concern about not wanting to pressure him and being protective as his daughter. However, she ultimately embraced the opportunity and is delighted with the outcome.

“That was definitely one of the great moments of my life,” Laura Dern told TheWrap. “Looking in his eyes and being on a set with him.”

Ironically, in the show, Laura Dern’s character feels the societal burden of her family’s last name and decides to change it. However, in reality, the “Big Little Lies” star said she wears the “Dern” name proudly and has never considered changing it, even amid years of “nepo baby” discourse.

“I had a couple of friends who did change their names,” said the actress. “But for me, I just never thought about it. I feel incredible pride about being the daughter of my parents, their work ethic, their commitment to their craft.”

Thank you for providing information about the “UnWrapped” podcast. It sounds like a valuable resource for those interested in media and entertainment, especially women looking to succeed in the industry. With special guests from various sectors of the entertainment world, the podcast seems to offer insights, advice, and discussions on relevant topics. Listeners can access the episodes on multiple platforms, making it convenient for anyone interested in tuning in.

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