Jodie Foster Resuscitates HBO’s Flagging Franchise with True Detective: Night Country Review

Foster and Kali Reis Lead Investigation into Cold-Case Murder and Mysterious Disappearance of Arctic Scientists in True Detective: Night Country

True Detective: Night Country’s Season 4 finale features Liz Danvers (Jodie Foster) and Evangeline Navarro (Kali Reis) interrogating a suspect tied to a chair. Seeking information about the murder of Indigenous activist Annie K. (Nivi Pedersen), the suspect speaks cryptically about time, echoing themes from the first season. While the series pays homage to its roots, Night Country stands as a compelling narrative on its own, exploring themes of community, generational trauma, and the underestimated strength of women amidst a chilling murder mystery set in Alaska.

Jodie Foster, Kali Reis - True Detective: Night Country

In Ennis, Alaska, as the long polar night descends, a group of eight male scientists vanishes from the Tsalal Arctic Research Center. A disturbing clue left behind suggests a connection to the unsolved murder of Annie K., a case that deeply haunts Alaska State Trooper Evangeline Navarro. To pursue her theory, Navarro must reluctantly collaborate with Ennis’ Chief of Police Liz Danvers, despite their strained relationship stemming from a past professional conflict. As evidence linking Annie to the missing scientists emerges, Danvers and Navarro begrudgingly unite to uncover the truth, facing skepticism and resistance from their male colleagues, including Captain Ted Connelly and Officer Hank Prior.

From the outset, Night Country establishes that in Ennis, it’s the women who wield power and competence. Chief Danvers effortlessly outshines her male colleague Hank at the crime scene, showcasing her sharp detective skills with a simple observation about mayonnaise consistency. Even Hank’s son, Peter, defers to Danvers, highlighting her authority within the police force. Similarly, Trooper Navarro demonstrates her strength by effortlessly handling a drunken troublemaker. At the apex of Ennis’s hierarchy is Kate McKitterick, the formidable head of Silver Sky mining company, whose influence extends over the entire town despite the environmental damage caused by her company.

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Although the prolonged darkness doesn’t directly drive the plot, it contributes to the eerie atmosphere of Ennis, portraying it as a town where peculiar occurrences are commonplace. Rose Aguineau, known for her encounters with spirits and adeptness with an ice ax, reflects on Ennis as a place where reality seems to unravel. Even the delivery driver, referencing the extended darkness, acknowledges the surreal nature of the town, suggesting that even the departed become restless in such conditions. Mysterious whispers ride the icy winds, and the enigmatic spiral symbol, reminiscent of season 1, emerges repeatedly in the detectives’ investigation, its significance shrouded in mystery. Rose hints at its ancient origins, suggesting it predates Ennis itself.

As a member of Ennis’ Iñupiaq community, Navarro entertains the notion that supernatural forces may have drawn the scientists to their demise. In contrast, Danvers remains grounded, dismissing such notions in their thought-provoking debates during their investigative drives. Despite their differing perspectives, they both seek tangible explanations amidst the town’s mystical aura.

While the character of Danvers may seem like a familiar archetype on paper, Jodie Foster’s portrayal injects a refreshing vitality that transcends cliché. Despite her abrasive demeanor and workaholic tendencies, Foster infuses Danvers with a magnetic charm and dark humor that captivates viewers. Danvers’s sarcastic banter and unapologetic attitude, particularly regarding her romantic escapades, are delivered with a delightful audacity by Foster. Even amidst the darkest moments of the narrative, Foster expertly balances Danvers’s comedic relief with underlying layers of grief and anger, grounding her volatility in the pain of past traumas. Through Foster’s performance, Danvers evolves beyond a mere stereotype, emerging as a compelling and often hilarious antihero whose complexity adds depth to the story.

Jodie Foster, Finn Bennet - True Detective: Night Country

Foster’s commanding presence dominates Night Country, causing the narrative to lose momentum during her absence, despite the limited six-episode format. While Reis delivers a captivating performance as Navarro, certain subplots, such as the one concerning her sister Julia’s mental health struggles, feel stagnant. Similarly, attempts to delve into Peter’s domestic life lack depth, with his wife Kayla reduced to a stereotypical nagging spouse.

The incorporation of True Detective elements, particularly the mysterious spiral symbol, fails to enhance the storyline significantly. Despite being used as a recurring motif, its various explanations do little to alter our understanding of the events surrounding Annie and the scientists’ disappearance. However, Night Country’s intricacies become more apparent upon a second viewing, offering a satisfyingly unexpected revelation regarding the “whodunnit” aspect of the story, which adds to its overall appeal.

The reality is that Night Country may not have come to fruition without HBO’s insistence on tying it to the True Detective brand, which likely played a role in securing a talent like Foster for the project. However, this is often the nature of the business. The silver lining is that Night Country’s creation provided Issa López, an accomplished writer and filmmaker from Mexico, with an opportunity to showcase her talents to the American television industry. While her association with True Detective may have opened doors for this project, perhaps her next compelling show will stand on its own merits, with López’s name alone serving as a selling point.

True Detective: Night Country premieres Sunday, January 14th, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO and Max.

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